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Solar Farms

Seeking new opportunities for development. Ideal sites will be between 100 – 300 acres, either low grade quality agricultural land or brownfield sites preferred.

Large Scale Solar PV

The UK large scale Solar PV (photo-voltaic) market has grown from an emerging market to an established, mature sector of the UK energy industry. Installation costs are now declining and the demand for PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) ever increasing.

We are very active in this area, having developed over 350MW, and are always seeking new opportunities for development. Ideal sites will be between 100 – 300 acres, either low grade quality agricultural land or brownfield sites preferred.

Having a solar farm installation will not mean the land will lose its agricultural use, after all they are only temporary and, in some instances, only benefit from having planning permission valid for 25 or 30 years.

The Solar Trade Association (STA) has confirmed their best practice guidance following ten required standards which members are to comply with. More information can be found here: Solar Farms: 10 Commitments

Connolly Land & Developments - Solar Farms

  • 30 Year Guaranteed (Indexed Linked) Income
    Income is guaranteed and increases with annual indexation year on year.
  • Ecological Benefits
    We enhance the bio-diversity and provide long-term ecological benefits for the land, as no more fertilisers are applied, therefore, the natural nutrient levels of the soil have a chance to recover.
  • Legal & Land Agent Fees
    We cover your legal and land agent fees in order to secure the land under a Lease Option Agreement.
  • Grid
    We will investigate the grid potential and connection costs associated with the project and look to secure the grid capacity.
  • Planning
    We have an excellent success rate obtaining planning permissions, which is mainly down to our thorough initial site investigations, due diligence process, experience and expertise working with our specialist planning consultants.

Energy Storage

The energy storage market is fairly new, although it is predicted to be worth £8bn globally by 2026. We explore stand-alone battery storage operated systems as well as solar storage to existing solar farms.

Solar farms and storage seem intuitively to be a perfect match. The grid connection is typically underutilised due to the variable nature of the generation, space is usually available, and planning permission is either already in place or relatively simple to obtain.

Is Your Land Suitable?

If the land has no planning permission, we can quickly determine the development potential and give you an honest and detailed appraisal. Suitable sites should be well screened, level topography, no overhead or underground constraints, good vehicular access, no legal restrictions such as restrictive covenants attached to the land, and not situated within SSSI, AONB, conservation areas or flood plain. Should you think your land may be suitable then please contact us.

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